Top 5 cosas que necesitas al tener un bebé

Top 5 things you need when having a baby


Welcome to our journey through the five essential elements that have made our journey as parents more practical and meaningful. Discover how these everyday products have become fundamental pillars to face daily challenges and create unforgettable moments with our little ones.

Embarking on the adventure of parenthood brings with it challenges and magical moments. In this article, we will share our experience with five products that, beyond being simply objects, have become inseparable companions in our daily routine. From lighting up the nights to creating unforgettable memories, these essentials have made parenting easier and more memorable.

Mini Cat Baby Lamp: A Touch of Magic at Night

In our journey as parents, we have discovered that small details can make a big difference. The PequePies Mini Cat Baby Lamp became the lighthouse that illuminated our nights. When our little one discovered the magic of dreams, this lamp not only offered light, but also warmth and security. One night, by just touching the lamp, we change the tone of light, and in that small gesture, we create a magical moment that will stay with us forever. Thus, this lamp not only illuminates the nights, but also weaves fond memories into the history of our family.

SplashBall: Transforming Bath Time into a Water Festival

Who knew bath time could be so much fun? With SplashBall, we turn what used to be a battle into a water festival full of laughter. My little one used to be water-averse, but now, thanks to this gift, bath time has become the most anticipated time of the day. Laughter and games with the magic spray effect make every bath a sight to remember. SplashBall not only solves problems, it also transforms a daily routine into a special moment of connection and joy.

Baby Kimonos: Walking on Clouds of Comfort and Style

Growing up with style and comfort is possible thanks to PequePies Baby Kimonos. Not only does my baby walk on clouds of softness, but he also does so with a touch of unique style. These kimonos are not just clothes, but special moments I share with my little one as we explore the world together. From the first steps to daily adventures, Baby Kimonos are the perfect choice that adds a touch of elegance to every step of our journey.

Multifunctional Baby Bag: The Perfect Solution for Parents on the Go

The life of parents on the go often presents challenges, but with the PequePies Multifunctional Baby Bag, those challenges become opportunities to enjoy every outing. I remember one time we were traveling and we needed to change diapers. The bag not only had a built-in changing mat, but also a strap to attach it to the stroller, which made everything easier and more organized. This bag is not just an accessory, it is the peace of mind of having everything you need at hand and ready for any adventure.

Fingerprint Printer: Capturing Unique Moments

The arrival of our baby was a whirlwind of emotions and moments that we wanted to preserve. With the PequePies Newborn Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit, we not only capture footprints and hands, but also the tenderness of those first days. I remember the excitement of seeing the first impression of our baby's little hands, a moment that is now immortalized in a beautiful frame. This kit not only creates memories, but also becomes a personalized gift full of love and meaning.


In this exploration of parenting essentials, we've shared products that have left a lasting mark on our everyday lives. Beyond functionality, these items have become an integral part of our history as a family. We hope you find inspiration and usefulness in these simple, yet powerful companions to parenting. Discover how these essentials can make your parenting journey even more special and convenient!

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